The experts in muffler and exhaust in Mona Vale

To ensure your muffler and exhaust get the care and attention they need, bring your vehicle to Cortis Exhaust Systems Pty Ltd. 

Our service technicians are experts in the repair, service and replacement of exhaust systems and also have the technical expertise if you are looking for a high performance or custom muffler and exhaust in Mona Vale.

Repairs and replacements

We offer a full range of replacement or repair options to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Repairing or replacing your exhaust system will reduce noise, cut the emission of dangerous gases and improve the running of your vehicle, potentially reducing fuel use and saving you money.

Service and maintenance

Our full range of service and maintenance options will extend your exhaust system's life and reduce the chance of costly repairs down the track. Our mechanics will do a detailed inspection of your system and then report to you about the best ways of maintaining any potential trouble areas.

Performance and custom work

We provide a variety of services for those looking for a performance or custom exhaust. We can provide the latest in aftermarket exhaust parts to give your exhaust the look and boost in performance you want. Our expert technicians can also fit custom exhausts to your unique ride. For all issues relating to mufflers and exhausts in Mona Vale, call on the experts at Cortis Exhaust Systems Pty Ltd.

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